A History of They Might Be Giants' Dial-a-Song: The Record-a-Call 675 Years

The Making of Chessmaster II

A performance art and intervention on the streets of London. Made with Chris Black, Simon Bond, and Tom Siddall. Filmed over three days and edited in one night in October of 2008, the video documents the experiences, reactions, and thoughts of those who interacted with our human bench.

The making-of video for A Seat On Us documents our observations of Covent Garden and the performers who work there. Our poignant conversations with those artist led us to want to showcase their work with the idea of a front row seat. This video was filmed and edited in the week prior to the intervention’s current form.

A quick one-take video to explain a proposal for a social enterprise which is designed to profit from producing cider with apples grown from UK cider trees planted in unused spaces around London. This business plan was presented as if two people were discussing the idea over a beer in a pub.

Bis-cut, a cracker/knife combination product. Video, product, and branding designed with Ed Rose and Damian Palin.

Mywater, designed with Dejan Mitrovic and Damian Palin, is a low-cost technological solution for decentralized desalination initially targeting Bangladesh. There are many possibilities for centralized desalination of water but there are none that are designed to allow individuals to independently and cheaply desalinate water at home.