Lucida: Factum Arte's 3D laser scanner
with Carlos Bayod, Manuel Franquelo, Dwight Perry, and others

Brought in after the project was already started, I was initially assigned to design and build a third axis of movement to the scanner to allow multiple scans in different z-axis planes. Subsequently, I also modeled, tested, debugged, and documented the functionality and improvements to the scanner, including designing a tool to allow precise control of the rotation of the laser line to improve scanning.

Lucida in its third prototype phase.

Every part, modeled and fully mated.

Animation tests.

Multiple scans of a deep plaster relief, aligned with Polyworks.

An animated rendering of the scanners ability to stack multiple scans.

Aligning and checking data with PolyWorks.

Measuring backlash of linear guides with micron accuracy.

The addition of the z-axis to the scanner.

Machined parts for z-axis.

Planning for custom circuit board.

Designing a tool to align the laser perpendicular to the axis of travel.

Initial ideas.

Improved version.

Attached to scanner head.

With a travel of 200 microns per revolution, turing the micro-adjust screw by 1/5 turn would give 0.1° rotation of the adjustment tool.

Dimensioned drawings for alignment tool.