The brief for this project was to design a mechanical solution for bypassing the startup screen of a hacked portable projector. The solution needed to be robust, compact, and maintenance free. I designed a chassis to hold the projector, battery pack, fan, servo, and circuit board which would be placed in a box made by a bookbinding studio. Working with the bookbinders and the artist's management, we went through several iterations until all parties were happy with the results.

Projector and chassis in prototype box with heat-sensitive paper.

Rough proof of concept prototype for Mk I.

Mk I: The smallest possible footprint for sliding cover mechanism, but flimsy and impractical.

New quick and dirty concept for sliding cover mechanism.

SolidWorks sketching for Mk II.

Changing the location of the servo required modification to the moving mechanisms in Mk III.

Mk III prototype made from laser cut 3mm acrylic.

Mk IV, the final design.

Mk IV prototype, made from laser cut 2mm acrylic. Custom servo arm from 3mm acrylic.

A custom designed part to extend the functionality of the focus ring to outside the box

A unique way to attach a servo.